Brake repairs, servicing and inspections.

Brake pads & Rotors are designed to wear, when they do we can replace them with quality parts at great prices.

At Williams Automotive Wangaratta, we believe brakes is the second most important system on your car (Tyres being number one). With safety in mind the braking system on your car has to be in top condition so you can put your foot down with confidence every time you brake. Our qualified mechanics can carry out a full brake inspection for you if you are experience any issues you believe is related to the braking system. We can inspect all aspects of your braking system quickly and thoroughly at a very cost effective rate.

A full brake inspection includes:

  • Testing of the brake Servo (Booster)
  • Check for brake fluid & vacuum leaks
  • Inspect brake lines and hoses for perished/twisted hoses, kinked lines
  • Check the brake limiter valve operation (if fitted)
  • Check the functionality of the ABS system
  • Check the condition of the brake pads and advise customer of amount of pad remaining
  • Check the brake disc rotor and the thickness
  • Road test vehicle and check the braking force

After the full brake inspection is complete the customer will be given an accurate report of the braking system and identify any area of concern that may be in need of repair or replacement.

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