Car Servicing

Located in Wangaratta, we can service your vehicle new or old by using only the best quality parts and oils. Penrite oil is the brand of oil we choose to use its a top contender and made right here in Australia specially designed for our harsh climate. For our European market, VW Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Peugeot we may use a Petronas brand of oil designed for your particular engine which meet or exceed the latest API and ACEA classifications.

You can choose from three different levels of servicing based on your particular need. So, if you have a newer vehicle then a logbook service will suit you and best of all your new car warranty is not affected and remains valid if serviced by us. Or on the other hand your car is older, an Essential Plus or Essential Service could suit you.

Logbook Servicing

Car service for vehicles under 10 years old and under 200,000km.

A logbook service is the best way to maintain your car. It is a total maintenance plan set up by the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Completing these services helps to preserve your vehicle’s statutory warranty and keep your car in top notch condition. All vehicles when sold come with a logbook or also known as a service record. A logbook contains all the information for your vehicle’s service requirements for the first 200,000km. If you have misplaced your logbook or have never had one no problem call us today and we will let you know exactly what is due for the service depending on the mileage and age of your car.

Call us today to get a quote or use the online booking/quote page to get in touch.

Essential Plus Service 

For vehicles that do not require a logbook service but would like the next best thing.

A service offering you everything that an Essential Service does but with added extras. This service includes oil and fuel treatments to help keep your engine operating at its optimum for longer. We use only the best Penrite products in your engine to help flush out any sludge, carbon build up and deposits inside your engine lubrication system with a engine flushing solution. We will also add a fuel system cleaner to the fuel tank to help clean your fuel system including the fuel injectors, reduce your exhaust emissions and increase fuel economy. A diagnostic scan we be carried out once the service is complete to ensure there are no fault codes present when you leave and if there is we can record and erase them and let you know if there is anything to worry about going forward. This service is a great option for customers who are looking to combine the value of the Essential Service with a complete care package to help keep your engine running smoother for longer.

ONLY $169

Essential Service

For older or high mileage vehicles.

An Essential service for keeping your vehicle safe and reliable on the road. This service includes a road test, full vehicle safety inspection, Top up levels, tyre pressures, brake inspection, and a engine oil and filter change (up to 5 litres of oil included in this price). This service is a great idea for customers who are looking for a complete vehicle inspection including oil and filter replacement at an unbeatable price.

ONLY $119