Need a mechanic with sky high standards that wont break the bank? Look no further than Williams Auto Wangaratta

At Williams Automotive Wangaratta we pride ourselves on top quality workmanship, our mechanics make sure we get the job done right the first time by using only top branded parts. We specialise in servicing and repairs on all makes and models of vehicle with vast experience on European cars there is not much we wont take on. We can offer our customers an array of services including:

 Suspension Repairs

If you have an issue with your steering or suspension bring your car to us for a full inspection. Worn shock absorbers, bushes and sway bar links are all conman place in today’s cars and should be inspected on every service. If excessive wear exists in these areas the components must be replaced. So if you notice your car doesn’t handle the way it should there may be an issue with your steering or suspension system and should be booked in for diagnostics.

Brake System Repairs

We can diagnose problems related to your your brakes so if they are squealing, grinding or the car doesn’t stop like it once did its time for a full brake inspection. If you need new brake pads or disc rotors we can help we only use quality brands for brake replacement such as Bendix, Repco , Trw and Bosch so you can rest assured your braking system will be 100% safe.

Cooling System Repairs

Is your engine running hot?, Water pump or radiator leaking or just need a coolant flush we can diagnose your overheating or leak problem and repair it quickly and professionally.

Timing belt Replacement

Timing belts or Cam belts need replacing at certain intervals set out by the car manufacturer (check you handbook). Its massively important to replace the belt with a new one at the correct time usually every 100000 km or 5 years but the timing and mileage is car specific so always check with us or your car dealer. We can supply and fit great leading brand timing belts and timing belt kits from Gates and Repco and Dayco at low prices.

Clutch Replacement

Is your engine revving but the car isn’t moving as it should or is the clutch pedal biting point too high? sounds like you may have a clutch problem. Luckily we are trained to carryout clutch replacement and we aim to get you back on the road quickly and at an affordable price.

Engine Repairs

Is your engine making strange noises?, lack of power or just not performing the way it should. Make an appointment with us for a mechanic to check it out and don’t worry we explain what is involved in diagnosing/repairing the car before we start work on it so there are no nasty surprises when you come to pick up the car.

Charging/Starting Problems

The vehicle charging system is responsible for keeping the battery topped up with juice so it can power all the electrical circuits on the car. If your battery light is on or you notice your car struggles to start there may be an issue with your alternator or even something draining the battery only a diagnostic inspection with find the cause and allow us to repair the fault. The starting system on modern cars has evolved over the years with fuel injection, start stop systems are only a few examples of newer technology going into modern cars. Luckily we have advanced diagnostic machines and the know how to diagnose and rectify your starting issue.