Volkswagen Engine light – on again!

A new customer came to us today regarding an engine malfunction light coming on, he had been to several workshops but unfortunately their diagnostic tools wouldn’t connect to his VW Amarok.

We scanned the complete system for him which led us to carryout testing of the exhaust gas temp sensor. By using our diagnostic equipment we could see in live data that the sensor was reporting back to the ECU a temperature reading of 1000 degrees – this cant be right!

We disconnected the sensor and used our resistance box to check wiring back to the ECU which tested fine.

A new sensor was installed and the new temperature reading of 144 degrees was shown – we erased the codes and roadtested the car – Job complete and one very happy customer thanks for your business Andrew.

If you are having issues with your Engine light staying on the dash give us a call were here to help.