Wangaratta mechanic courtesy car

We understand our customers have busy lives, that is why we offer our customers a free loan car while yours is getting serviced/ repaired (if available), at Williams Auto Wangaratta. We do ask that the customer informs us that a loan car/pick up, drop off service is required at the time of booking so we can reserve the car for you. When dropping off your car bring along your driving licence and fill in a simple form so we can make sure you are fully covered whilst in possession of the car.

Each courtesy vehicle has insurance through Williams Automotive insurance policy. The excess for this policy is $1000, and therefore will be the customer’s responsibility should accidental vehicle damage occur whilst in the care of said customer.

Any infringements accrued during the noted time period of use will also be the responsibility of the customer (parking tickets, traffic offences etc.).

There are no hire fees incurred, however it is reasonably expected that the customer will re fuel prior to return of car if large amounts of fuel are consumed during the lend period.

To meet the insurance eligibility criteria for the courtesy car, customers must meet the following requirements:

  • Possess a full Australian driving license which is valid.
  • Must not be under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances, as well as prescribed medications which may impact on driving ability.
  • Declare any medical issues/disabilities which may impact on the ability to safely drive a car (courtesy car may be refused).