Engine lights, Warning lights, Chances are there is a fault

At Williams Automotive we invest time, money and ambition into learning new skills and to make sure we have the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure we keep up to date with the new technology in today’s cars. We have an array of electrical diagnostic equipment to help us diagnose electrical and mechanical faults with your car. With an experienced European trained technician in our arsenal we are sure we can help diagnose even the most complex system faults.We can work on all makes and models including European and Japanese brands.

We can use our equipment an know how to test, diagnose and rectify complex faults on many systems fitted to newer cars including:

  1. PCM (Power train Control Module) issues – This is the engine computer
  2. BCM (Body Control Module) Issues – This is the computer that controls body related components including the horn, lights, door locks etc
  3. SRS (Supplementary Restraint System) issues – This is the airbag computer
  4. TCM (Transmission Control Module) issues – The transmission computer

If you have got any warning lights coming up on your dash that are not normally on the chances are there is a fault. Contact us to for some free friendly advise or alternatively fill in the get a quote/make a booking page


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