Roadworthy inspections spike with huge demand.

We are noticing a spike in the amount of road worthy inspections carried out in store this year. As demand heats up in the used car market due to the lack of supply of new vehicles our licenced tester has been extremely busy testing an increased amount of vehicles. With our prices set at $189 for any make or model we have never been busier. Please note that our testing criteria is set by VicRoads…

Holden Commodore Timing Chain Replacement

A common problem with the Holden Commodore VE is that the timing chains stretch causing excessive noise when starting and the engine light to come on. If left un fixed you may run the risk of severe engine damage.

We replace the engine timing chain kit with new chains, tensioners, gaskets, oil, filter and coolant.

We can get this job done and back to you in one day.

Volkswagen & Audi Logbook Servicing in Wangaratta

Williams Automotive Wangaratta specialise in European built car servicing. All of our logbook services come with quality, dealer approved parts and oils to make sure your car is looked after how it should be. Best part is we can service your car just as well as the dealer, keep your manufacturers warranty intact, all done for a lot less than you would pay at the dealership. Contact us now for a free quote for your…

Free loan cars available whilst we service your car!

We have 2 FREE loan cars available for our customers to use whilst your vehicle is being repaired or serviced (We do ask that you make sure you request a loan car at the time of booking to guarantee we book one for you) We specialise in servicing and repairs of all makes and models including European build cars including Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes Benz and BMW. We are authorised to carryout new car servicing without…